Cornerstone Garden Design“Our overriding aim is to give you what you want within your budget”

We hold an initial client meeting and discuss your overall aims and objectives and the outline of the project – keeping a sharp eye on the aims and objectives and project criteria that are critical to the overall success of the project

At this initial meeting we will discuss the projects and schematic plans of the areas in question taking account the site’s topography, access, and any other limitations.

We will suggest applicable materials for the project.

We will show you photos and plans of similar projects and explain how they were undertaken by the team.



Cornerstone Garden DesignFollowing the initial meeting we will prepare drawings, designs, and a project portfolio, taking forward in practical terms the identified aims and objectives

These drawings and plans will also recommend materials and highlight any other considerations such as electrical, drainage, waste disposal, and other needs.

On completion of the drawings and plans we will meet with you to discuss them and as appropriate show you examples of the suggested materials

At this meeting it is often worthwhile to walk the site again and discuss and highlight any other implications that the works might create

Following any alterations to the project we will then prepare full and clear costings, including any variations for alternative materials.


Cornerstone Garden DesignOn acceptance of the price for the project we will schedule the works in our timetable, having in mind any inconvenient dates for the client

On commencement of the works themselves we will have a short pre-meeting primarily to agree the location for any skips, storage of aggregates, sand & cement and mixing etc.

During the works James will keep in regular and reliable contact with the client for any issues that might arise.

As the works progress we will discuss any extra requirements that arise, such as planting schemes.

On completion of the project we will walk and inspect the work with the client and ensure complete client satisfaction.



Cornerstone Garden DesignYour requirements might be to commission only the design of your garden arrangement rather than use Cornerstone Design & Projects Ltd for the construction as well as the design.

Our approach to design is hands-on and ‘bespoke’ rather than a design that is computer-generated. If your requirements were for design only then we would agree with you a commission fee on that basis.

It may well be that having obtained a design for your garden project from Cornerstone Design & Projects Ltd but commissioned alternative construction arrangements you may wish us to take on project management and agree a commission fee for that arrangement.